About us

 IŞIKSAL FURNITURE, which started its activities in 1977 with a small workshop, gained a solid ground in the sector in a short time with its investments, understanding of high quality and modern designs.

In 2006, it became a brand under the name of CASTAMO FURNITURE and adopted the total quality in production and management and protected its position.

CASTAMO FURNITURE serves all its customers with its professional staff and modern production techniques and its 6000 m2 production facility. CASTAMO, which started to be fully represented abroad after its Store in France opened in 2011, continues its exports with orders that it received from abroad.

At the present time,

without sacrificing its understanding of high quality for from design to delivery, it has become a wanted company both within domestic and foreign markets with its special productions that are manufactured in the direction of rich product range and requests.

We Can Say That;

Knowing that we play a role in the aesthetics and warmth of living spaces constitutes our greatest source of development and progress..

Castamo offers you all the tools that you need for creating new design projects towards modern live.

We witness every moment of the wood from its source to being presented as "Furniture", and we hear the same pleasure in every furniture.

Today, we are a company that opens its doors to the customers in the direction of our customer-centric works.